39.87 €

Without discernment

Life-sized inflatable doll
3D Thermoplastic face
Realistic hair with makeup
Perky breasts with erected nipples
2 Tempting love holes
Super strong bullet with hand control.
Batteries not included.

Model/Product no.: to-120181-45b

Detailed product description
Inflatable Love Dolls are great companions to all customers looking for a sexy girlfriend as much as possible looking like a real girl. They stand out above all with a beautifully shaped face, a slender body with sexy curves and very realistic facial details, limbs and natural.

Hi, my name is Kylila!
Kylila is a real cat. She measures 150cm tall, has a slim build, has a beautifully shaped face, soft hair, nicely painted eyes, real eyelashes and painted nails. Sandy will be delivered to you as God created it, and she will be very happy if you get her some good lingerie, or a nightgown from which you can take it off. Size has like a living girl, with the choice you should not have a problem

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