Arab Sheik Costume

Arab Sheik Costume

33.20 €

Without discernment

Material: 100% Polyester.

Size: One size (adult size: Large) .

There is included a long tunic, a black, gray ghutra and a shawl.

Size         52-54
Waist     104-108
Hips         92-96
Bust       108-112

Model/Product no.: gu-88667-1600

Do you dream of wealth to transform yourself into a rich oil heap with lots of money and lots of ladies here is a sheikh suit, and you can get into the grip of scoring some gold dikes.

Sheikostum consists of a white, long tunic, gray, black headband and a shawl. In short, everything you need for your sheik look.


Disfraz de Jeque Árabe para hombre

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