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Welcome to our selection of costumes for adults and children. If you also like costumes you have come to the right place, find the costume you dream of. Here you will find many types of costumes. From the cute expensive costumes to the naughty costumes. If you're missing the costume for the next dressing party, we've got it. We have costumes for everyone so look here for your favorite costume. We have the cheapest prices on costumes so everyone can join. always has the best deals on the market for costumes so you can safely buy your next costume here.We have costumes from different time periods, cartoons, last school day, etc. All our festive costumes can be delivered day-to-day with post-Denmark. say that if you place your order early in the day you will already receive your costume the next day.

A costume - what can it do

A Costume is most often the first thing you think of for a festive party and the last day of school. They are available in all shapes, colors and sizes and have a myriad of play options. But what exactly is a costume? And how do you find out which costume is best for you? Common to all costumes is that they have fun for a whole day with friends. One of the most popular costumes is find Holger. As the name suggests, it gives you a dream of being invisible. Holger Costume is available in both large and small size, so you can enjoy your friends for the costume party. You can also choose a dino costume that has a built-in fan. The Stone Age man simulates the feeling of being in Flintstone, but you can create a theme for the party yourself, perhaps as a knight with swords, etc.

A Costume is an indispensable toy for the costume party

There is a wide selection of different costumes and you can choose from many different types of costumes. October costumes, Christmas costumes, fast-paced costumes, Halloween costumes. If you want a little fairy costume that he wears in a small garden, you can try one of the little mini costumes that are easy to put on and that provides plenty of intense play throughout the day. Do you prefer adult costumes, this type of costume has aroused great joy throughout Denmark. It is not without reason. Besides being used for exercise, it provides good balance and motor skills. If you want to get the most out of your sunbeds and try a dino that is a little out of the ordinary, you can safely buy the popular big dino here, which is known by many as the best on the market, bouncy castle filled with air, with supplied pump. No matter what type of costume you are in, you will certainly benefit greatly from a costume, and at you can easily find the best costume for you and your children.

The best costume is what suits your needs.

Costumes can be used in many ways. All of our costumes can be used solo for an even better experience or double costumes, but they can also be used with your friends. We have a large selection of different costume and dress up items that are perfect for a big costume party. If you want to challenge each other with a game in public, you can try a few similar costumes. Let the adventure begin.We can also recommend you Oktumer and Tyrolean costumes, as well as Christmas costumes. If you would like an even more play, you can buy our plastic swords. It is designed for play and made of plastic, see our website