Glass dildos

Glass dildos in tempered glass, a glass dildo is easy to clean after use and is therefore extremely hygienic, you have the opportunity to heat or get the glass dildo in the refrigerator before needing a tantalizing sexual cold / warm pleasure. A glass of dildo is so beautiful a work of art that it can stand in the window frame.

Glass dildo a trip under the hot water or deep freezer, for a fun experience with cold and warmth. Do you want to love your new glass dildo. Glass dildo is perfect if you have allergy to classic dildos. Glass dildo is very durable a glass dildo can last forever, a little slip on cream and you are well on the go. Glass dildo is a work of art itself, many women just want to have glass dildos, in addition a glass dildo is easy to clean under warm water. Glass toys are solid and made of Pyrex or other types of borosilicate glass (Schott-Duranglas and Simax), although this may vary depending on the manufacturer. Like steel, glass toys can be used to apply firmer pressure than a silicone dildo, therefore good for the female G-spot massage or to his prostate. Unlike other types of toys, glass sex toys can also be personalized with inscriptions.Dildos made of glass - Glass dildo - Glass dildo - Colored glass dildo - Cold glass dildo - Dildo made of glass.