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Dubbel penetrator didlo

Dubbel penetrator didlo

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This deviously delightful Dubbel Penetrator didlo is an outrageous "Size-Does-Matter" combo of an ultra-long dildo and extra-wide anal plug, all covered in smooth PVC. The monster length (14.73 cm) and diameter (4.06 cm) of the dildo are sure to tantalize, while the trusty 11.18cm-long, 3.8cm-wide anal plug will take your pleasure to new heights! This daring duo comes in a sleek black finish. Get ready for a wild ride!

Material: PVC

Size: 14.73 cm in dildo length,

4.06 cm in dildo diameter.

11.18 cm in anal plug length,

3.8 cm in anal plug diameter

Colour: Black

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