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Double inflatable Anal Balls

Double inflatable Anal Balls

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Anal Balls are a great accessory for all kinds of sexual activities. They provide a unique sensation for both partners, stimulating the inner walls of the anus with their shape and texture.

This plug is perfect for those who want to explore anal play. The two rolling balls are designed to provide extra stimulation to the anus for a more pleasurable experience. With its soft and flexible material, it fits comfortably into all sizes and shapes. The included pump can easily inflate the plug to the desired size.

For those looking to explore new levels of pleasure, the Double Rolling Ball Inflatable Anal Plug is the perfect choice. It's two rolling balls that move and vibrate with every movement to provide extra stimulation. The plug is made of a soft and flexible material that makes it comfortably fit all sizes and shapes. Anal Balls provide a unique and exciting sensation that you won't soon forget!
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