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Black Cat Female Jumpsuit Costume

Black Cat Female Jumpsuit Costume

Ordinarie pris $45.00 USD
Ordinarie pris Försäljningspris $45.00 USD
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Transform into a fierce feline with our black cat jumpsuit, complete with tail, ears, hair clip, and belt. Made with 100% polyester for comfort and durability. Perfect for adding a playful touch to any costume party or just lounging around like a cat (meow)!

Size S 36 38
chest 38.00 cm
minimum waist width 34.00 cm
total length 132.00 cm
minimum width hip 38.00 cm
Size M 38 40
chest 44.00 cm
minimum waist width 40.00 cm
total length 135.00 cm
minimum width hip 44.00 cm
Size L 42 44
chest 50.00 cm
minimum waist width 46.00 cm
total length 138.00 cm
minimum width hip 50.00 cm
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