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French Maid Temptation Lingerie

French Maid Temptation Lingerie

Ordinarie pris $29.00 USD
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This 5-piece French Maid Temptation Lingerie set includes a lace neck band, a low cut bra with floral lace trim, a g-string, a mini skirt with apron, a hair band, and a lace stocking band. Embrace your inner temptress with this sultry lingerie set! (Note: Does not guarantee actual maid skills)

 Size                 Breast                    Waist               Hip
 p 81-86 58-64 86-91
 M 86-94 64-71 91-99
 L 94-102 71-79 99-104
 XL 102-107 79-86 104-112 
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